How Much Does Interior Painting Cost?

All interior décor ideas involve a bit of painting. Everything, from choosing the right colors to hiring the best interior painting contractor, goes a long way into ensuring that you complete your project successfully.

You might have to spend hours studying color pallets, swatches, and patterns before coming up with the ideal décor. The cost to paint an interior will vary depending on a number of factors. We’ve gone through some of the most significant factors to help you make a decision faster.

Here’s an Average Interior Painting Cost Breakdown

If you want to handle the painting on your own, you will have to buy paint and painting tools.

Paint can cost you anywhere between $15 – $30 per gallon depending on the quality and finish you would prefer. Flat finish paints are great for hiding blemishes and are cheaper while vibrant gloss finish paints, though expensive, are washable hence more economical and easy to maintain.

It’s important to keep in mind that the cost to paint an interior room can vary by room type. A smaller room can cost more to paint based on the type of paint required and the number of coats. The bathroom or living room is a good example of this factor too. Kitchens would require less paint than a bedroom of the same size due to more wall area being covered by kitchen cabinets.

Consider the following labor and materials averages on the cost to paint your interior rooms at home:

  • Living Room (96 sq ft room):  $370 to $950
  • Kitchen (100 sq ft room): $155 to $320
  • Bathroom (40 sq ft room): $100 to $290
  • Bedroom (144 sq ft room): $200 to $400

How Much Does Exterior Painting Cost?

The exterior of your home says a lot about you and your style. If it’s time to add a fresh coat to your exterior, or you simply want to change or update the colors, as a responsible homeowner, it’s essential to be well informed.

Fresh paint not only brightens and updates a home’s exterior, it also provides a protective seal against weather damage. With a small investment in exterior painting for your home, you can add curb appeal and value to your property with a new look almost instantly!